Branded Donor Profile

The first time a member gives, they will be directed to a short form where they can enter their credit card details and profile information. 

The form will be branded with your organization's colors and logo so you can maintain your brand. The only other time the user will require this form is if they need to update their credit card info, email address, or giving options by texting the keyword "card".

Online Giving

vorText also comes with an online giving option.
You have the option to set up a branded online portal that donors can access from your website to make donations.

The donation page is fully customizable and allows donors to give with their debit or credit card number. It's quick and easy.

Analytics Dashboard

Every script has it's own analytics dashboard.

The dashboard provides all the stats you need to review and monitor your scripts. The dashboard provides date, times, timelines, amounts and more. You can also export all dashboard data to a .CSV file.

See giving or other data collected by date range or other special consolidated views.


Multiple Funds

Our platform has the flexibility to allow donors to give to a specific fund.
You can set up any number of funds to choose from, and change them at any time in real-time.

You can also set up scripts and funds for special occasions. For example, you could set up a script with the keyword "kidscamp" or "relief" to have donations go directly to that fund. Furthermore, a single script can have more than one keyword!


Donation Receipts

After each gift, donors will receive a donation confirmation email.

You'll have 100% control over how the receipt looks with our editing tools. You can add your logo, other branding requirements, and format the confirmation as per your own requirements.

Recurring Donations

Recurring donations are a great way to help donors give on a regular un-interrupted basis.
Once signed up, your donors won't have to think about or prepare, or remember to give for that matter. Their specified commitment is automatically deposited into your account at the interval they choose.

After a regular donation, you can have the system ask the donar if they would like their donation to be recurring. They can choose from weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly intervals.

It's so easy.

More Options

  • No contracts to sign, cancel any time
  • No donation limits
  • We can customize ANY giving process flow. From multiple funds to recurring donations, or just a simple 1 text donation.
  • Get setup on the same day
  • Issue Tax Receipts
  • Text messaging costs are included
  • Phone and email support is available
  • Setup any number of funds
  • Full featured SMS Marketing is also available through vorText