How to Earn Repeat Donations

One of the proven business adages states that it is more expensive and time-consuming to get new customers than it is to retain existing ones. This also applies to accumulating donors and supporters of nonprofit organizations. Getting a one-time donation for your nonprofit is a wonderful addition to help you achieve your goals and mission. However, attracting repeat donors through traditional andtext to donate techniques leads to sustained success and allows time to seek out more ways to raise money and help the benefactors of your efforts.

Are You Protecting Your Donors' Sensitive Information?

Cybercriminals are continually looking for ways to get their hands on sensitive information housed in digital spaces. Nonprofit organizations with the greatest intentions of helping the community are not immune from cyberattacks. Those who wish to access your donor information for nefarious intentions have no regard for the mission or goals of your organization.

6 Ways to Keep Volunteers Enthusiastic

It can be a tough sell to get people to work for free and make major contributions to your organization without compensation. Establishing and growing a team of dedicated volunteers is a foundational exercise for an organization that relies on in-person and text to give donors for its success. Making sure your volunteers feel appreciated and valued is a crucial aspect in running volunteer programs within your organization.

Keeping Donors Engaged with Your Message

Technological advances in the digital age and ever-changing user trends presents modern opportunities to reach potential donors for nonprofit organizations. Using text to donate functionality is a powerful tool to get donors involved and engaged in your efforts. This allows you to connect directly and instantly with donors, reach out to targeted audiences to increase donor engagement and retention rates.

How to Catch Donors Attention

The first step in collecting donations is to get the attention of potential donors. This has never been more difficult with the explosion of social media and streaming services that draw the attention of people already living busy lives with careers and families. Nonprofit organizations are looking for the most engaging ways to reach donors and compel them to want to donate.

Truth vs Myth: Text-Based Donations

The easiest way to give and collect donations for nonprofit organizations in the digital age is through text to give programs that allow donors to simply and quickly donate to their favorite causes via text messaging. As mobile technology advanced to a point where using text messaging to transfer funds is safe and secure, commonly held myths about the process of text-based donations either no longer exist or never did.

How to Use Text to Raise Church Funds

Churches rely on the donations of their parishioners and other community members to continue their mission to reach the largest numbers of congregants. It is especially important during these unprecedented times of social distancing and stay-at-home orders to provide safe, secure, and convenient methods for people to donate.

Text Donations and Events

Most people today live on their phones and more than 3 billion people worldwide own smartphones. Of all the time spent on phones and with the unlimited supply of incredibly advanced apps, the text app is the one people use the most. In fact, recent Pew Internet research reveals that upwards of 97 percent of cell phone owners text at least once a day. This presents the opportunity for nonprofit organizations to implement phenomenally successful text to give programs that allow users to donate to your organization quickly, easily, and safely while keeping up with the latest news and events.

How to Encourage Parishioner Donations

Churches and other religious organizations have traditionally been the largest types of recipients for charitable giving in the United States. Those numbers are diminishing, however, and churches are continually looking for ways to encourage donations from their devoted parishioners.


3 Ways Mobile Donation Can Help Your Church

The global coronavirus pandemic has forced churches to adjust social distancing guidelines and sporadic stay-at-home orders. Without the luxury of live services to encourage and facilitate donations, churches are looking elsewhere to help collect donations from parishioners and other sources.